The Evolution of Sprint Car Technology over 100 20 Seconds
Sprint Car Aerobatics with Steve Kinser
PBS Documentary - The History of Motorsports on the Iron Range
The History of Motorsports in Northern Minnesota and the Hibbing Raceway  1904-1934
The Elmer T. Shannon Story
An Afternoon at the Hibbing Raceway in 1956  (Yup, yours truly wearing a red baseball cap)
Barnstorming in Minnesota in 1963 with the IMCA "Big Cars"
Most of the cars and drivers in this video also raced in Hibbing
The One and Only Miss Elfrieda Mais   (Killed while performing a stunt that she had just performed in Hibbing on July 4, 1934)
A Tribute to Drivers that Raced in Hibbing and Were Killed While Racing Elsewhere
The Great 1915 Auto Polo Event in Hibbing
Vintage Dirt Track Racing
A Tour of the Mitchell Engine House